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Mini Conference

Lotus Grand Hotel has 2 mini conference halls. One is The Pearl and another is the Golden Gate.

The Pearl

The pearl can accommodate 60 people. This compact, yet spacious, Mini conference room has ample space and can comfortably accommodate up to 100 people. This will surely be an ideal setting for small functions like birthday parties, kitty parties, business meetings, conferences, workshops, etc. Also if you want to throw an awesome party to your friends or colleagues, then this is the place. Many of our customers had fun while enjoying their stay here and celebrated their parties with loads of fun. It is an ideal budget Hotel destination in Secunderabad for parties planned on a budget!

Golden Gate

Our Golden Gate Mini conference room can accommodate up to 50 people. This looks like a theatre-styled conference hall. It is the perfect place for those big office meetings, small workshops and just about any other function you can imagine. When it's time to get away from the office and inspire your team, this is where you need to come. The place is pleasant and serene, so this is just the right place for organizing your business meetings. We will provide you with all the prerequisites like Wi-Fi connection to make your meeting a successful one.