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Banquet Hall

Lotus Grand Hotel Banquet Halls - We Host Your Important Functions

Lotus Grand Hotel can be the host for your important functions. Right from a small birthday party, get-togethers to large events like marriages and wedding anniversaries, we host everything. If you are in search of a premium hotel that can accommodate huge number of people then our banquet halls are the right choice. Our banquet hall can accommodate 200 people with ease. Why to organize your parties in a function hall when a lavish hotel is providing incredible facilities at the same price? Yes! Lotus Grand Hotel's State-of-the-art Banquet halls serve the best of everything at a price that is very reasonable too.

Speaking of food, our professional chefs who have decades of experience serve the most delicious food you would ever relish. The taste is unique and immaculate. Set in an exotic ambience, our hotel is where you experience the real feel of a celebration. With the finest seating, perfect accommodation facilities and the best hospitality, we are ready to host your every celebration. We are very much sure that you will be highly pleased with our service and you would recommend to your friends and colleagues. To book our services, contact us now!